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Our Origins

For the love of the art

Tie Dye by Tuukka is an independently owned company led by eight-year-old entrepreneur setting out to help those in need and, of course, save up for a hot new set of wheels.

Tuukka received a few tie dye kits for his birthday and wanted to make shirts for some family and friends. Everybody loved their shirts and those who saw them wanted some of their own. When asked what he wanted to do, Tuukka jumped at the opportunity to make some money by selling his one of a kind works of art. When asked what he wanted to do with the money, he asked if he could give some to charity while putting the rest into savings for a brand new Lamborghini.

Check out our In The Community page to stay up to date on who he donates to next!

 Purchase your own custom masterpiece and help Tuukka with his goals!

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